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Here you will find some pictures and excerpts from letters sent to Praise Broadcasting Network from some of our listeners. Please send your picture, we would love to add it to our Listener Gallery!

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Wendy Roberts & Rosie
Wendy Roberts
& Rosie

I've been listening to PBN and Praise until Dawn since around 1989 and your ministry has had a profound impact on my life, providing songs of comfort and love during the tough times, and songs of joy during the good times. Your gentle and comforting words of encouragement have convinced me to ’Keep Striving’ so many times when I felt like quitting. For me, there is no other ministry like PBN - the music is perfect for prayer time, it’s perfect for praise time, and it’s perfect to keep my mind fortified all day long. Your message is always gentle and full of love. I know a little bit of what you two - and your team - have to go through to hold the line on this ministry, and I admire you, and thank you, and love you for bringing this music to us 24 hours a day.

Theresa Roberts & Margie
Theresa Roberts
& Margie
(Theresa and Wendy
are sisters, as are
Rosie and Margie)

Hi Pat and Claudia,

It’s been wonderful to know you and your ministry over the last several years. We really enjoyed the opportunity to help during your move to the new studios and getting the satellite link up and running. It was a souce of joy to watch it all come together, and I’m amazed at your diligence through all the challenges. I love how PBN is always there for so many, 24 hours a day. PBN is a great source of comfort and peace. Thanks for always being there.

Love and Prayers,

John and Ginny Roberts
John and Ginny Roberts

Dear Pat and Claudia,

We’ve only just become regular listeners, thanks to our new broadband connection. In a very short time, PBN has become a very special part of our lives. Your ministry is so warm and friendly, and so real, and you reach out and make your listeners a part of your family. I take PBN with us wherever we go, in the form of MP3 downloads, and the music is a source of comfort, joy, and strength during the ups and downs of each day. We are blessed to be able to spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful woods and lakes of Oregon, and the praise and worship goes perfectly with the beauty God created around us. Thanks for all you do to bring this music to us, I know it can’t be easy, but please know that many of us are grateful beyond words.

John and Ginny Roberts

Manuel and Pamela Gray
Manuel and Pamela Gray

Though my husband and I feel like you are our old friend, listening to you for the last 8 years, please forgive us for not reaching out sooner!

No words can express the dark valleys your worship music has brought us through!!! (we were fans before you began playing bethel, steffany gretzinger, etc).

We love you and Claudia and are praying for her complete healing!! We will continue to pray for you brother - that God keep you and encourage your heart.

My husband (Manuel) regularly on his lunch hour at work, will put his head down on the table, put his earplugs in, and put on PBN podcast and nobody knows he is weeping in God's presence with the God breathed worship you play!!

We are standing with you!!!

With love - your brother and sister here is Los Angeles, CA

Manuel and Pamela Gray

Kossi & Marie Djameh
Kossi & Marie Claire Djameh and Daughters - Cherita & Mavis

Bonjour Pat and Claudia (bonjour is the french word for good morning),

I've been listening to PBN Radio for the past 9 years or more. However, this time round, I really feel that I'm part of the family. Thanks for your love and concern. Yes, the lady is my wife. Her name is Marie Claire. She is from Gabon, I am from Ghana. We live in a town called OYEM, in the northern part of Gabon. This town is very close to two bordering countries — CAMEROON & EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Attached is a photo I took with our daughters (Cherita and Mavis), when we visited Ghana in December 2014.

Our love to the PBN family.
Be richly blessed.
Kossi Djameh
Oyem, Gabon

Kossi & Marie Claire Djameh

John and Ginny Roberts
Eddie & Gail Vasquez with tribe: Nathan, Norma, Liana & little Dominic

I was able to keep listening to the program since Texas and even more since the technology has now caught up. It's always been a blessing for us during the good times and the tough times. I download the daily podcasts and listen on my iPod. I still have broadcasts of you from Texas in 1999. I try to save them because there's no expiration date on blessings, and anyone who hears them ARE blessed. I sincerely thank you for what you do and I know it's hasn't always been easy. But you have never wavered from your mission. You ARE a soldier (Onward Christian soldier, marching as to war...), and although it may seem at times that things are impossible, God will always be there to show us that it is impossible... for us, but not for Him.

Eddie & Gail Vasquez

Sharon Center

Thank you for allowing the will of God to work through each of you. My name is Sharon Center. I live in Austin, Texas. I've been off crack cocaine for 23 years since the night that I gave my life to Christ.

Brother Billy Graham is my grandfather in the Lord. And I say that with much love for the life that he has lived in Christ. Currently my father in the gospel is Brother Eddie E. Willis, Sr. minister of the New Covenant Church in Bastrop County, Texas.

Pat and Claudia, please continue to be used by the lord. Your collection of music is AWESOME!! I so need it to help me stay alive in this wicked world. I'm praying about how I can be of support to help your ministry. I realize that God is the one who will lead me to help PBN the way that he wants me to. I love you guys. I believe in divine healing from the Lord and I know this because I'm too am a miracle. I keep Claudia in prayer and will keep praying til something happens. And I trust Pat will keep us informed of her progress. I say that kinda laughing since we all know that Pat will tell us (the listeners) all we should know and a little bit more. We love you.

Sharon Center

Esther Njeri
Esther Njeri

Praising Jesus from Kenya with PBN Radio. Hey Pat & Claudia. I have attached a photo taken at the equator's crossing in Kenya. I pray Claudia is well. She is such a darling.

Esther Njeri, Nairobi, Kenya

Charles & Ness Buffington
and Family

Pat, we love PBN. You're our "friends". We sometimes listen to the broadcast all day long. After about the 4th time we switch over to, but hey, that's like the 4th time!

Your conversations have encouraged us for nearly 7 years now. You're a very consistent "pilgrim". We found your broadcast when my son was just 2 days old so, my kids have grown up listening to you guys on the computer in several different countries now.

I wish we could support financially, but we do listen nearly every day. Perhaps in the future.

Charles, Ness, Matthew and Charness Buffington
Ganzhou, China.

Marty & Lynette
Marty & Lynette

“For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so
 we can do the good things  he planned for us long ago.” –Ephesians 2:10

Suppose we are where He placed us for the same reason an artist or curator places a valuable piece of art in a certain place in a display venue? Though some art may be placed randomly, are not masterpieces more often emplaced in a position that enriches their surroundings, most effectively compels the observer to some thought or response, and allows the art itself to flourish in its “calling”? I think God does the same with us.

I very much appreciate your location and purpose within His art display!!


Marty & Lynette
Maine, USA

Shirley Miller
Shirley Miller

What a joy listening to Pat and Claudia together again!! Seems like old times from when I listened at work years ago. Once again, the talks and music are ministering to me and soothing my heart through a difficult time. I especially love Praise Until Dawn where I feel I am sitting in your kitchen talking and sharing music. I will be supporting PBN as often as I can. God bless you...

Shirley Miller, Huntsville, TX

Bonny Simiyu
Bonny Simiyu

I have been an ardent listener of P.B.N Radio ever since i discovered it while in the United States for a volunteer position in a Christian camp in Dittmer,Missouri. I had it playing 24/7 and it was awesome and kept me worshipping the Lord in the privacy of my room.Down here in my hometown of Bungoma,Kenya,Africa i stream it live in my office and at my shop and in my bedroom.It keeps me meditating on God and on His goodness.Sometimes when i am down i will walk into my bedroom and just lose all the baggage at the door while being consumed by the awesomeness of God.May God bless you abundantly for this service.Its not in vain.Jesus is real and i am so glad that i can worship Him daily.

I started a non governmental organization that assists volunteers build houses for widows and needy people who cant afford either cheap but comfortable huts or simple permanent houses.I see a lot of pain so it takes God to sustain me daily as i tackle these sometimes wounded widows issues.

Bonny Simiyu

Christoph Zulauf and Family
Christoph Zulauf
and Family

You do a wonderfull job, much thanks! The PBN make my very happy and give me much energie.

How i can support you?

God bless you out of switzerland


Joel and Winona Harlow
Joel and Winona Harlow

We are grateful for PBN. Often in the early mornings PBN sets the tone for the day -- helping us "set our minds on things above."

Thanks again for your vision and ministry. Lord bless you both!

Joel & Winona Harlow

Joyce and Jack Amann
Joyce and Jack Amann

Hi Pat and Claudia,

This is Joyce from Florida again. I have been wanting to send you a picture of my hubby and myself, so here it is for what it's worth. Ha!! Just to let you know the latest on Jack's health issues. He had his hernia surgery a few weeks ago. Now we are still waiting for the appointment to set up his back surgery. He is losing the use of his right leg rapidly. The muscle is breaking down due to the back problem. Please keep us in your prayers as you remember. I often wonder what is going on with you. I know I heard Pat talk about the prayer cloth, but I can never tell when the programs were taped. I am assuming that it was a recent program. My headaches haven't changed, but my doctor does'nt want me to continue the injections, because of possible heart attack, or stroke. Oh well enough of that. Please drop me a line when you have the time, which I know you don't have much of that special commodity. I love you both in Christ.


Darin Bratvold
Darin Bratvold

I do not want to look towards anyone. I want only to look towards God, and I want only to look like God. I want always to be prepared to hear and respond to the Voice of God, which means casting down the things of the world. This includes music, which yields a strong influence over the mind that is not purposeful in its intentions. At work, music contrary to my soul is played, which trespasses against the very soul that God has placed within me. Listening to PBN radio on my headphones at work allows me to drown out the secular music and stimulate my spirit while I work. Many of the songs played on PBN radio were recorded before I was born, which is why I am so grateful to Pat and Claudia for allowing me to enter their home and listen to their personal music archive together.

Darin Bratvold

Ed Campbell & Family
Ed Campbell & Family

Hi Pat and Claudia,

Firstly I want to thank you for such wonderful music. I listen to it all day while I am at work. It does help me to keep my sanity during hectic days. Many of the songs are new to me but there are a few that take me back to the 90’s when I was still living in the wonderful and beautiful country of Zimbabwe. I am now living in Mexico City with my wife and two daughters, Ana and Nomi. I work as the Maintenance Engineer in a small company and my wife is at home looking after the girls and doing a few sewing projects. She also home schools Ana.

Ed Campbell

Jean Madden
Jean Madden

Pat and Claudia,

What Praise to Dawn and PBN means to me-for one thing it is changing my life and bringing me closer to God. It is changing my life and making me see things in a different light. It gives me strength for the day as it is on from 6 or 7 in the morning until I go to bed at night around 9.

There are certain things that you and Claudia talk about-Trust in the Lord and dwell in the land; Delight yourself in the Lord and commit your ways to Him that gives me hope and encouragement each day.

It is just a beautiful blessing to listening to the music and just to being able to get to know both of you. I'd love to meet you someday in person.

God Bless,

Bill and Jewel Hancock

Thought I would send a picture so you can see who is e-mailing you.

Jewel Hancock

Gbenga & Sola Ige
Gbenga & Sola Ige

Hello Pat & Claudia,

Thank you for your last email. PBN is the best of my online and offline music since 2003 I started listening to it. I used to have certain artistes as my choices in university days but I discovered that PBN gives me all of them with other unknown to me then as "all in one" pack suite of music blended together. I still remember what captured my attention to click on pbn radio link that day among other list of online radios I found on that day. It was simply the caption that says "the best intimate worship music this side of heaven" or something like that. I have never been disappointed since that day in 2003.

I have the PBN music saved from my laptop onto CD to play in my car antime I am driving. I hardly listen to the car radio but always PBN music over and over again. I listened live when I was in Toronto Canada hotel (on vacation visit last year) and the cleaner woman noticed and asked "nice music, are you a Christian?" I played it yesterday here in a London hotel and my wife was glad when I told her you pronouced my names correctly as sponsor of a thirty minute of Praise Until Dawn. We are here just for a short vacation visit till we return to Nigeria again next week.

I am attaching our pictures with this email as you requested. We also solicit your continued prayers for our marriage of more than a year now to be blessed by the Lord with the fruit of the womb. Nothing is impossible with God. Keep up the good work.Shalom!

Warm regard,
Gbenga & Sola Ige


"Meema" Brook says Ryann LOVES listening to PBN

Ryann (Brook Hayes’ granddaughter)

Hannah Kiiskinen
Hannah Kiiskinen

Dear Pat and Claudia.

I think it is now 5 years ago when I discovered PBN on the internet. Since that time you have been my friends through hard and good times. The music is so beautiful and special, I simply love it. You two are also so wonderful, it feels like i knew you even though I have never met you.

Thank you for the encouraging and uplifting words which has so many times been my joy and comfort.

thank you for being there for me and all the other listeners.

May God bless you/Hannah Kiiskinen (Sweden)

David and CynDe Young
David and CynDe Young

I have listened to PBN off and on since 1999. I own a business and in the earlier days of this business I spent many long evenings and nights at the office on my computer. PBN was a strong encouragement to me during those times as I would often long to be home, but was unable to go home due to the work demands. Pat has also sent me notes just at the right time that clearly was God speaking to me through him. In particular, I remember a note in 2007 that spoke straight to my heart and answered a cry of my heart to God that I had written in my prayer journal only a few days earlier. There was no way Pat could have known what I was crying out to God about, but there was the specific answer from the Lord in black and white. I had never had anything that specific happen to me before or since. God truly was using Pat to address a need in my life. Today, I listen on my iPhone while working out in the gym. I download Praise Until Dawn podcasts and worship the Lord while working out. I tell people while doing side planks on the gym floor I am raising my arms to the Lord in praise to Him, not just exercising. PBN has been a blessing to me now for 12 years, and I pray far into the future.

Bless you Pat and Claudia

Robert Gwynne Family
Robert, Marisol and
Baby Leslie Gwynne

How do I begin to answer this question? PUD and PBN mean more to me and my family then I can ever explain. I truly believe that PBN was the "seed" that helped my spiritual life grow like it has never before.

About 2 years ago I happened to stumble onto PUD while trying to find a Christian music station on Live365. It has been such a blessing ever since. I listen to it at work everyday because it helps keep my stress levels low and I feel so grounded and in touch with the LORD. If I'm not singing the words to many of the songs (in my head) I am fighting back tears.

When I wake up in the morning I put on PBN so that my wife and baby daughter can hear the God's music when they first wake up. I think music is one of the highest forms of worship as it ministers to our hearts, our souls.

I can say I have never been as close to GOD, as I am now, than in any other time in my life. I am reading the bible and going to church regularly. I am hungry for knowledge. I am ready for the next step. Whether it be spreading the word about PBN Pure, or helping do my small part in the Great Commission.

I thank God for PBN because the music has helped open my eyes and my heart.

Eternally Grateful,
The Gwynne Family
Robert, Marisol, Baby Leslie

Jeff and Nancy King
Jeff and Nancy King

I’ve known Pat and Claudia for many years and they have such a heart for Jesus. The music of PBN is wonderful. It brings your into the presence of God and helps you tune out all of life’s distractions and stress. It encourages and lifts your spirit. I find when listening, I can’t help but stop and Praise our Living God.

Blessings to both of you!
Jeff & Nancy

Thom Collier
Thom Collier

Pat & Claudia,

I finally did what I should have done years ago. I made PBN my home page. I found myself wasting time looking at Yahoo news and other useless things when I sat down to my computer and "eventually" getting to PBN. Now it is the first thing that comes up and I tune in immediately (If it’s not already on). I keep it playing as much as I can (although my music program stops after 8 hrs. and I have to reconnect.)

Thank you for the beautiful music that makes all the difference in my attitude and my spiritual mindset.

Love ya,
Thom Collier

El and Shells

Hi Pat & Claudia! You guys are awesome! And so, of course, is PBN!!

My wonderful husband & I have been listening to PBN since 2007. We want you & everyone to know that we appreciate both of you & the music SO MUCH! It’s a huge blessing from the Lord to have PBN filling our home all day long! We’re so thankful! PBN has enriched our lives & our walk with Jesus. It helps us keep our focus on Him & it brings more peace, joy, & comfort when needed... AND of course more praise & worship!!! :o) WHAT A MINISTRY!!!

Misty Edwards, Kim Walker (her song "Oh How He Loves Us"), & Julie Meyer are my personal top favorites... with "Always on His Mind", by Misty Edwards being my very favorite song to this date (2010). I listen to that song over & over... It’s my heart. :o)

Pat & Claudia, you’re wonderful, caring people who love Jesus very much... That is so evident!... And so appreciated! JESUS JOY & PEACE to you, your family, your team... & your listeners!!!

With love, prayers, & warm hugs;
El & Shells
Vancouver Island, Canada

El and Shells
Shells and Buddy

Jacob Saunders
Jacob Saunders

I’m Jacob Saunders, from Hollywood Florida and PBN means so much to me as a station. It’s a way for me to tap into something beyond my control; I cannot decide what I will hear nor how it will encourage me but I make myself receptive and responsive to whatever God wants to show me through an atmosphere of worship that your station helps to create. The beautiful music that you play is very dear to my own heart because I was always hearing it as a child through my parents when we lived in upstate ny and were regular listeners to your program there. I recognize most of the artists that you play and have become familiar also with many new ones.
Praise until Dawn is particularly favorable to me; it really feels as if I’m there enjoying quiet time with you and Claudia, listening to your inquiries regarding politics and Israel and your various relevant, life-themed conversations with her that are always so real and encouraging. PBN is generally one of my first considerations when I want to create an atmosphere of worship for a time of intimacy with the Lord.

stay strong and last long :)
God bless

Hollywood, Florida

Norma Sanabria
Norma Sanabria

I am so glad for your sincere heartfelt love of my Father. I have just recently started listening while I work. My work requires a lot of focus and it is easy to wonder away from my Shepherd. The Holy Spirit provided instruction in 1 Chronicles 6:32 for assigned people to minister with music before the tabernacle. In the same way having your radio station playing while I work and go about my daily activities, I too can honor this temple, my living sacrifice to God.

I do know in fact that God is my Father. You see when I came to this world, my parents were not able to care for me. They were slaves of addiction and abuse. I was only about 3 when my siblings and I were awarded custody to the State. We were sent to many different foster homes. We were always being passed along because we were too much of a burden. One foster home took me to church where the pastor told me that God wanted to adopt us but there was a cost involved that no one could ever pay. He said that God made that payment by the death of His own son Jesus. He said that if I would accept this payment and believe the truth of Jesus, then He would be my Daddy and He would never leave me or give me away. I was only a small child but I knew He was telling me the truth. I agreed to His price and the adoption. He has always kept his promise to me even when I was sometimes very naughty. There are many children in our world today that need to know that God wants to adopt them. Thank you for comforting these little ones of the Lord.

Norma Sanabria
Mira Mesa, California

Suzanne Duchaîne
Suzanne Duchaîne

I am Suzanne Duchaine from Québec. I wrote you a couple of times and I send you a little 5$ by month, it’s little but if every body do the same, you gone be able to pay all what you need. You read my message on line one time and i was so happy. That was for me a big encouragement. This picture is all my family. The girl back me is my doughter (Stéphanie) and her husband (Vincent). The woman beside me is the girl-friend of my son(Audrée) and he(Félix) is near her. The children are those of my daughter et her husband (Camille et Gaël) I’m sitting on the chair So, then you ask for some pictures then i sent you this one. I’m very proud of them and i pray for them because they did’nt give their lifes to God.

Thank you for your ministiry. God bless you more and more

Suzanne Duchaîne

Angelo & Adriana (not shown)
Angelo &
Adriana (not shown)

Hi Pat & Claudia,

Just wanted to let you know I did want to order some CD’s from the online store, but opted to send you small donation thru Paypal instead. We love you & your program and consider you part of our family too! I hope you don’t mind if I send you the attached picture, that way you can see who your listeners are, only problem I couldn’t get my wife to have a picture taken together..she’s camera-shy..put a camera in front of her and watch her disappear!!

The Lord bless you!

Lots of Love in Christ,

Angelo & Adriana
Vignanello, ITALY


Kobe, Japan

Dotti Driver
Dotti Driver

Hi Pat and Claudia,

It’s apparent to me how much you care about your listeners. You are so right about the music’s healing powers. I lose track of time sometimes when I’m sitting here listening to it. I like to listen to you talk about heaven---makes me anxious to get there. I’d like to stop by your front porch for a visit. I like Claudia’s voice—sounds like Texas---surely that can’t be offensive. I’m glad you’re not the hippest thing out there. I get bored real quick with some of the Christian stations. You have picked worshipful music and that’s what I need.

Austin, Texas

Nick Kuiper
Nick Kuiper
(Click on photo to see
the full piture)

Hi Pat and Claudia,

Just realised I could send you a photo of myself. This is a photo of 2 of my sons, my brother and myself. I have another son Ashley who is not in picture. So now you know what I look like.

I have had over 30 operations through the eyes, nose, forehead and the mouth. I have infection in the bone right across the forehead. This came from a bad sinus infection that went crazy and into the bone. All the operations were to remove/drain abscesses caused by this infection. The only way they can get rid of it is to remove all the bone of my forehead, which they are reluctant to do ( and I do not want particularly).

I am sharing this with you to let you know I am very familiar with pain. For me this is constant, like a tourniquet around my head that is tightened. But you will rarely see me without a smile on my face. Most people would not be aware of what I have been through. Even my doctors are amazed that I have such a positive attitude with what I have. Of course, it is the joy of the Lord, which shines through, even when I am in the severest of pain. But like you to, I guess, I have had my moments as well. When I am in a lot of pain, I can get very crabby in attitude without thinking, and in those times I have now learnt to just go to bed and sleep it off. So most have not seen that side of me. Most only see the smile like in the picture. I believe in healing ( God healed me completely, of a brain tumor, it was there in the scan and then it was not) but I believe more in overcoming. I say that not to be preachy, but through what I have been through, to explain my attitude in life. I guess God has used all this suffering to develop character, which I know now shines through. The joy of the Lord is our strength, and this I know from experience.


Lindie Gibson

PBN means alot to me, in that when I am home, I can listen to music and receive in to my heart something that ministers to me and releases all the stresses in my life. Your station ministers life to us, in a world where so much music speaks death to the soul by feeding the flesh rather than the spirit - the part of us that will live forever and was meant to reflect and absorb Who God is and Who He is in us..... and like David the boy, who played the harp for his tormented King, I have a station that soothes and ministers light to me when oftentimes all around me is darkness. Your station also takes away the lonliness I sometimes feel, reminding me that the Lord is indeed here with me, as I surround myself with your Praise music.

This is my son, Ira Gibson, and his family; wife Mauri, Adrie Anna, Jerod, and the twins, Joshua (in red) and Caleb (in blue) from Ogden Utah

Thankyou, thankyou....

Lindie Gibson’s Son’s Family
Lindie Gibson’s
Son’s Family

John and Gerry Woolgar
John and Gerry Woolgar

Hi Pat and Claudia,

Gerry is still keeping going and has been so brave. She is trying hard to believe the Lord is healing her but sometimes it is hard. She looks very pale and thin, but is managing to eat after having had a stent put in about three months ago. She is going to the hospice one day a week and that has been a source of support for her, besides the support from family and Christian friends. She is still serving the Lord in small ways in her local church. Her family are very attentive and see her every day. Gerry and John have always been loving and caring friends to those in need, and have helped many in lots of quiet ways.

Her daughter has gone back to her own home now, and I think Gerry is sometimes lonely, especially on "bad" days when she is not well enough to drive or go out. Everyone who knows her loves her, she listens to Praise Until Dawn most days as do I, and it is such a comfort.

Much love to you both,
we pray for you!


Casey and Connie
Connie and Casey

PBN radio is a daily love letter from God. You can’t go to the mall and buy joy, peace and love, but we sure get it from PBN! As we minister to people on the streets of New York City, we are continually reminded how much we need Jesus. Thank you pat, Claudia and PBN team for giving us Jesus with so much of His precious beauty!

Psalms 34:8a says: "O taste and see that the Lord is good." PBN radio is a God sent, banquet of strength. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus for this powerful ministry to the body of Christ. It ministers heavenly wind to our sails and encourages us to keep sailing for God and invite passengers to come on board this exciting Christian life, with Jesus, our Captain."

We love PBN big time!

From New Jersey,

Casey and Connie

What About Jesus? Ministries

Tirtzah Wright
Tirtzah Wright

Years ago while in college, I found Praise Broadcasting Network. I was so moved by their Love for Yisrael. I had been victimized by abuse most of my life by step-relatives, and later learned my real family were Jews. The years of abuse by caused an illnesses that were ignited by any amount of stress. After locating PBN, I filled my home with the broadcast 24/7. Pat and Claudia have such anointed voices...they sound so sweet. It was like listening to broadcast from the Throne Room of G-D. The Truth Pat would speak felt as if I were listening to the very Heart of G-D to me. I phoned in one day and was thrilled to be able to speak directly with Claudia. She ministered such Truth to me; words cannot describe what G-D did in me. I have been healed in my emotions as well as in my body. My husband jokingly says that he only married me so that he could claim them as his personal friends...(ha!). They have become my family’s dearest friends. And I know I share these feelings with the world.


Jerome and Joyce Kopchinski
Jerome and Joyce

I’m so glad I found your station. I’ve been saved since 1989 and was an announcer for 13 years. The music you select brings me back to my first Love, thank you so much!

Jerome Kopchinski
from Amherst,Wisconsin

Darvis Lee
Darvis Lee

Pat and Claudia...
I am happily listening to PBN daily with My new earbuds sent by Ginny Roberts. I intend on finding speakers so that I can go to sleep with the music. Thank You

Best Regards...
Darvis Lee Jr.

Svein Sandersen
Svein Sandersen

Hello Pat and Claudia.

This is just a short greeting from Norway. We still appreciate very much the heaven-oriented, uplifting music on PBN.

As you may remember, we still carry PBN on our local radio station here in Stathelle 24/7, but, as last year, and every year, now it is getting closer to the time for our trip to Israel, to celebrate Succot. Last year, you read a letter from me on the air, and said that "Sadly, he (me) doesn’t hear us now, since he is in Israel, but, I did, using my laptop, tuned in to PBN in my hotelroom in Jerusalem. It was such a joy to still be with you even in Israel! We really are family :)

May God richly bless you and the whole family, every day, till we are home with our Father in Heaven.

Svein Sandersen

Daniel and Sandi
Daniel and Sandi

Most grateful thanks you for your music...

Indeed the Spirit enjoys ministering to us through your ministry.

We are a newly wed couple in love with Jesus and we discovered you just a few days ago.

We are learning to win the battle of faith unto God’s best for our lives, facing many many many opposing powers. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies, and lots of PRAISES!!!

God keep you near Him, and prosper all your ways...beyond what you expect....

Daniel and Sandi

Greg & Lilly Simmons
Greg & Lilly Simmons

Your ministry of worship blesses me more than I can say. Being a former member of a Vineyard Church for years, it takes me back to those precious times in God’s Presence!  Sometimes I listen all day long to PBN Radio. It seems I Can’t get enough of His Presence. Whenever, I am feeling the need for intimacy with our Lord all I have to do is click on Worship Radio and immediately I am drawn into the Presence of God.

God has really touched my husband through your broadcasts! It has given him such a hunger for the Holy Spirit of God that he said, "we have to get back into church" (Vineyard Fellowship). For years you were my only church. Every night we listen while reading emails and such. Now my husband Greg has requested that we add his pic to mine on the listeners page as a way of stating his support as well. So I have attached a recent pic of us both for the update.

Thank you, and God Bless you bunches.

Greg & Lilly Simmons

Hila and Michael
Hila and Michael

Hi Pat,

My name is Hila im from israel and enjoy to listen to your program a lot.

God is good to me and I found the love of my life and we are getting married or at September or October.

I am happy and i know you are standing with Israel and i know i heared you talking about Claudia that she is a Jew. i am happy for that in this time when so many people are against Israel and will be more.

Many blessing to you and Claudia with love


Patti and Koen Poeschel
Koen and Patti Veltman

Good Morning Pat and Claudia,

I just wanted to say that I really needed to hear that song ’You are still Holy’ this morning. That was the song that Koen and I had for our wedding. We used our gazebo as our Holy chambers. And as it played ’... and so I come into Your chanbers and I dance at your feet Lord’ at that moment we entered the Gazebo. Then the Pastor placed the prayer shawl on Koen’s shoulders as in coming under God’s authority, and then Koen placed the prayer veil upon my head as I am under his authority and God’s. Then we exchanged our vows. And partook of communion.

We didnt think we were even going to make it through our first year anniversary because on July 4th 2005 I had a 80 pound tumor. (Not cancerous Praise the Lord) The doctor’s said had I waited until the next morning I would not be here. It took 8 pints of blood to stabilize me enough to have my surgery on the 11th of July. By the end of the week I was home. I praise the Lord for saving my life and giving me an extension in order to serve Him. Please continue to pray for guidance and leading into the paths that He would have us take.

Your ministry has been such an inspiration and a comfort at all times. Not just in the bad or sad, but especially in the good and blessed times. Thanks for being a part of our daily lives.

In Christ’s love alone...

Koen and Patti Veltman
Chehalis, Washington

Jan Bowman

I just wanted to let you and Claudia know how much I enjoy listening to PBN Radio. I have been house-bound for nearly two years now and have been looking for a station that feeds my spirit and I finally found it. I thank God for leading me to the looking for music on the internet. I can listen 24-7 and always know that I will be lifted higher. Having you and Claudia talking is so nice it is like having family right here with me. I can chat right along with you.

Thank you for being here.
In Jesus Name, your friends

Jan and Sarah Bowman
Twin Falls, Idaho

Sarah Bowman

Fred Moore

Pat & Claudia,

I heard something this morning I really needed to hear. It brought such a loving peace to my heart. I grew up in a condemning, blaming and distant home which left me with the underlying feeling I am not good enough or adequate as a person. I wish I could remember just what is was, but it was a man telling us we didn’t have to earn God’s love and followed but a song which drove it home. It was done in such a way I believed it, maybe for the first time in my 58 year life. Suffice it to say, God touched my heart with love and acceptance and I know it to be real and true.

Thank you for bringing the wonderful awesome touch of God’s Love in to my heart this morning. I have needed that for so long, and thank you for your prayers.

Fred Moore

Jim Middleton! "The Greatest Music This Side of Heaven!"

Jim Middleton
Miami, Florida

Cameron Briggs

I got saved 30 years ago in a coffee shack in the jungle on the big island of Hawaii and spent the following five years in fellowship with a wonderful group of people there. When I look back on those days and listen to your music I think about the incredible things the Lord was doing and it reminds me of my first love. When I first heard PBN I knew without a doubt that I had found what I had been looking for, you guys are a BLESSING.

For the last 6 months or so as there have been big changes going on in my life. I have moved from Cabo San Lucas to Franklin Tennessee, and then from there to Castle Rock Colorado. I have been pretty busy lately. During all this moving around the Lord has brought a woman into my life and we are currently waiting on Him (in separate apartments) about when we should get married. Your work has been a source of TRUE comfort to me. I pray God richly blesses you, and that the music you play can be heard by more and more people every day!!

God bless you all,
Cameron Briggs

Don and Sally Jo

Don and I (Sally Jo) have been married since 1979. We have two children, Peter and Bessie. They are married and live far away in Florida and Colorado. Don and I were high school sweethearts.

I am here in the deep deep south, but my thoughts and prayers are climbing toward the new Jerusalem.

Revelation 21:6 promises us that "It is done".

I thank God for you and your faithful mission work. A special thanks to Pat for his vision and the gift of PBN. PBN makes my days of pain easier to bear.

If I do not hug you both until eternity... I’ll be the loud southern lady with the three grands riding down the river of life in the bright purple tube!!!! Meet you there.

Sally Jo (and Don)
Mobile, Alabama

Federico Ganem

Dear Pat and Claudia

Thank you, what both of you are doing for the Lord. When you talk I listen,
God always warns me of what is going to happen shortly.
That gives me time so I can pray or get prepare.

Pat I always see you with joy. and Claudia I always see in peace.

Thank you again

Federico Ganem
Mexico City


May the Lord richly bless you in the New Year!

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of
you, I always pray with joy.
Philippians 1: 2-4

With all our affection and love,
Michael, Myrna, Merrick, Marlon and Mia Fleming

Grant Family

Jordan, Diane and family are regular listeners of PBN. PBN is a miracle in our lives. We do not know what we did before PBN, as the praise and worship music is a balm in the midst of the storms of this world. We listen at home and at work, and look forward to the day when Praise Until Dawn can be on one of our local radio stations. We have also found that the listeners of PBN are believers who love the Lord, and have an attitude of service for Him. We are also participants in the Prayer Forum, and are so thankful that we have the ability to call up prayers daily or when needed.

Thank you, everyone at PBN, for your ministry and service to the Lord, and to all of us who treasure the programming of PBN! May God richly bless everyone at PBN and in the listening audience.

Blessings...Jordan & Diane Grant

Linda Traylor

Now you can see the person for whom you are praying. And I will be sending a prayer request in a little while when it is written for you. But for now, be it known that I love you two and your entire team that makes all of this possible.

Linda Traylor

Nora La Motte

Hi and thank you. Please excuse my bad English.
Yesterday I remembered how much listening to your radio helped me so much during my most difficult days. Your meditation words helped me heal my heart wounds. "Quiet your mind, don’t let those troubled thoughts come in, they are knocking"

I feel better now and of course as a bad ingrate, I don’t praise God as I should. I don’t want to do this; go back to my old life and bad habits (listening only to mundane music, desiring material things more than spiritual needs and being angry at everything). I need God in my life forever and you guys. Please don’t ever leave your mission; reinsidents in sin we need you always to find our way back to God.

Thank You,
Nora LaMotte

Marilyn Lavoie

Pat & Claudia:
Just wanted to thank you for your ministry. I listen all the time and have since the Holy Spirit led me to your station.

Pat and Claudia, you both have helped me through so much in my life. Thanks again for your beautiful spirit. Just sent a picture to let you know who you are talking with.

Marilyn Lavoie, Bloomington, Illinois

Julian Wright

Hey Pat & Claudia:
Thought I’d share a picture for the Listeners’ Gallery.

Praise Broadcasting Network was greatly Used by G-D to bring about the Victory HE had Promised while my family and I walked through a dark time.  I thank you both, again, for your prayers and encouragement!

And you’re right, Pat!  There is an amazing Grace that brings Joy and Peace in the midst of hard times that just isn’t logical.  When you don’t know where you’re going to be living tomorrow, or how you’ll feed you family, you’re just not suppose to have Joy inside!  But I did!  And it didn’t increase after the L-RD Gave us our home.   It didn’t increase after HE gave me this Recording Studio... it increased after I realized that HE sustains us no matter what.  THEN, my cup ran over!  Yeshua (Jesus) told us to ask that our joy might be full.  Anyone is happy after the answer comes.  When you ask in Faith... which is abandoning yourself to HIM in total Trust, THEN, your Joy is full!!!  Even before the answer comes!

We love you here at LifeLine Records!
J. "Diamond" Wright, Texas

Mike and Denise Pace

Hey Pat and Claudia,
We "stumbled" across PBN through another website several years ago, and have just loved it!  You talk about bathing the house with the music.  Well, that’s a habit we’ve had for many years.  Our home is a peaceful sanctuary, and having PBN playing is much better than any other offering we have in this area -- no offense to the others.  Our Lord is blessed and glorified with the praise music we fill our home and office with.  We receive the benefit from it all, and are so greatly encouraged by the two of you as you allow Jesus to live His life through you.  In doing so, Jesus keeps our focus and attention on Him with the great anticipation of our future life in Heaven.

There’s no better place to be than in the exact center of His will, which is Jesus living in us and through us for His glory.

Mike and Denise Pace
Hendersonville, NC

Dan, Trish, and Jake Kays

The attached Photo is my lovely bride Trish, our precious gift from God, Jacob, and me. We got married for better or worse. I couldn’t do any better, and Trish couldn’t have done any worse,  ha ha ha.

God is so good. I wish there were fireflies in this photo. This self portrait on the camera self timer was taken about this time two years ago [September 2003]. Jacob is now taller than Trish.

You, Claudia, Your Dad, and your entire family are in our prayers. Have a Great day in the Lord.
Dan, Trish, and Jake Kays, Harrison, TN

John and Lilly Roberts

Lilly is the prayer warrior in this family. She has always been a intercessory prayer warrior--that in one of her callings from G-d. Not me, my prayers are short simple rough around the edges if you know what I mean.

As you grandchild is a special Joy, these are ours and Yes one is named Miracle but that another story of G-D’s Love.

But Tell Claudia Lilly is praying for Her and We are believing for a break in all areas.

In Our Prayer John & Lilly Roberts

Frank and Inger Marshall

We are long time listeners of Praise Broadcasting and thought it was time for us to become active member of this mission. We wanted to be part of Pat’s team sending out the message of Christ love for us.

One of my personal favorite scriptures:
REV 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Frank and Inger, and Oscar the dog — Oslo, Norway

Jukka and Virpi Borg

Pat Rutherford,
Thanks again wunderfull program. God bless you and your wife and of course hole team. Happy Christmas and better next year to come. See you least in heaven, if not in this time. And please pray for our radio work here in Finland. It is fantastic how much we get response from country side. Very lonely people are calling. All kind people who need help and somebody, who is listen them, when they calling in to the program.

Here is also better picture. If you want, you can use that somewhere in your beatyfull pages.

God Bles
Jukka and Virpi Borg, Finland

Eduardo Ponte

Pat, Claudia and all of you:
Hello, dear friends, everyday I am surfing in internet in my office and I am listening your programs.
God bless you so much! With this message I am sending my picture for your gallery.

Yours in Christ.
Eduardo Ponte
Rio Cuarto — Cordoba, Argentina

Dominic and Julian Wright

Here is a picture of me and my Dad. We fell asleep listening to PBN…
I wanted to tell you that when I hear pbn, it makes me feel good inside.
I saw other pictures of people on your webpage and thought you might like to put me and my Dad on there, too.
In Yeshua’s NAME,

Dominic ("Nici") Wright
Dad is Julian Wright

Mark Stephen, Marlene and Anna Lee Warren

Hi Praise Broadcasting,
Thanks for the everyday / all the time / guaranteed / sure-fire way to get my mind ready to hear from God in the midst of the busyness of th workday.
such the blessing you are.

Mark Stephen, Marlene and Anna Lee Warren, Huntsville, Alabama

Jukka Borg, Finland

Pat and others,
This is small Church here from Finland-- Hämeenlinna. I am listening this programm often. God bless your work. I am that who has red shirt and my wife is next of me.

Thank you so much. This programm it is still great.. We are listening that often. And i also told to my friends: it is better you listen this one.. and they all like that. So keep us in prayer. We are small fellowship Church here in Finland. But God’s work is going on. Pat… please, Pray for us, so we could come and see you live… not only voice in the box..But live person ..That would be fantastic.

God bles you.
Jukka Borg, Finland

Estrada Family

Thank you for blessing me with worship in the morning. I go to church at feel free to visit my church, meet my dear
Pastor Marty Walker. Have a blessed day. Continue in your service of worship
and evangelism.

God bless you. thanks, Andy Estrada
"Jesus Christ is Lord of all"


Hello, dear friends,
Always when I am surfing in internet I am listening you super program.
God bless you so much! With this message I am sending my picture for your gallery.

Yours Werner
Schwarzenbruck, Germany

Alan & Rosemarie

Dear Pat & Claudia,
We are so blessed to have you as our friends. Friends are forever. I believe that. If they’re real, genuine, true friends. You two are that kind. I can always come away from you feeling good.

Alan & Rosemarie
Arlington, Texas


Hi Dear Friends,
Please always know that I don’t give up easily. God really has to hit me hard to get me to change tracks. I will always be grateful for your prayers and the love that ya’ll have poured out to me and my family. Our God and Father is truly faithful and true to carry us when we cannot walk. He will bring all things together for His Glory…..Right now I must close, so I send my love and prayers to each one, because He is Faithful and on the Throne for all of His children.

Grand Prairie, Texas

Butch and Sue

Dear Pat & Claudia,
We went to Westchester Medical Center to see my specialist, and then my other doctor who said she is pleased with my progress -- white count down to 7,500 now. That’s normal range, but she wants to get the white blood cells down to 2000 & put the Leukemia into Remission. The only problem with that is she says it will be a minimum of two years on Interferon. I will get daily injections 7 days a week. Painful and nasty side effects, but God’s grace is good, as well as His provision for the medication. Each shot is $400.00.

Pat, I just can’t tell you how much God protects us even when we are not aware of it. The doctor says that other patients on Interferon .02 dose are lying up in bed, not able to function (muscle and joint aches, difficulty walking and moving). Their dosage is only 3 days a week. My dosage is 1.90 seven days a week. I just finished redecorating the house complete with painting, raising 3 floors, new carpet and linoleum, complete new bathroom, tub, shower and all. I only had minor side effects. If God has done so much for me, how much more will He do for you, being in the ministry you are in. We love you all. You have been a mighty blessing to us.

Butch and Sue
Saugerties, New York

Gary and Cheryl

Gary and Cheryl have been there with us almost from the beginning. They have been very special friends who believe in the power of prayer, and the power of Praise and Worship. They have believed in the mission Jesus has given us for so many years, and have been there to lift us up when times were rough.

Arlington, Texas

Jillian and her kids

Jillian and her kids are a blessing to us. Although Jillian is busy with school and work, she still has time to be a prayer warrior for PBN.

East Moline, Illinois

LaVerne and Shirley

Dear Pat & Claudia,
There is no music like what’s on your broadcast. We really missed you the three weeks you were not there. Shirley had a heart attack and is doing better. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks for the tapes you sent. They are medicine to our souls. Keep on keeping on. We love you!
God Bless you and all that you do!!!

LaVerne and Shirley
Perry, Iowa

Peter & Sharon

Hi Pat and Claudia,
I love your dreams of inner tubing down the River of Life, heavenly "technology", and other details of heaven, which could just as well be true, as not. I love your music, and your view of God. I hope you won’t feel guilty when I draw attention to your sarcastic disdain toward "dead Religion". I share it, and I think it is entirely godly and appropriate. How can we get some of the music you play that is not widely distributed? Other people might be interested in that, too. If you don’t want to mention it on the air, maybe you could put some info into the Praise Letter.

Peter & Sharon
Arlington, Texas

Scott & Tammy

Dear Pat & Claudia,
I was touched in many ways by your February Praise Letter. I thought about all the hardships you have faced in the last few years. Although it may not be a real comfort, but I believe God has allowed these hardships to keep your hearts tender, not only toward Jesus, but also toward us out here … those whom you minister to every time you go on the air. Most of us are the ones Jesus came for, those who are sick and need the Great Physician. I don’t think too many rich people listen to your program. If some do, I pray that God will touch their hearts to support you. I know what you do, you do because of Jesus. But, I just want to say "Thank You" for hanging in there. Know that every trial you face, every decision, every sickness, every storm, debt, every minute you’re so tired you wonder how you can wake up and work another day, one of us is facing a trial, decision, sickness, storm, debt, is tired and feels like giving up. Then we hear in our spirit, "Never Give Up." "Give Me your heart my son." "Turn up your stereo full blast and worship Jesus", etc. The Holy Spirit penetrates our hearts and we cry out to Jesus, and we are lifted up and encouraged. Never give up till we can say like Jesus, "It is finished!" Love in Jesus.

Scott & Tammy
Palm Desert, California


Dear Pat & Claudia
This letter is to keep in touch with you. You know about Dawni. We have been unable to keep up communication as we would like, as we basically spend twelve hours a day, seven days a week with her. Life has changed. Please know that every prayer, phone call, letter, note, gift, visit, every hug, every act of love, and every loving thought toward Dawni and us is DEEPLY APPRECIATED! The story is this: On Saturday, Sept. 30, 1995, a beautiful fall day, about 3:30 p.m., Dawni rolled her VW Jetta several times, landing upside down in a corn field. Her right lung collapsed. Her left collar bone was broken (seat belt), and she received what is termed as catastrophic deep brain injury. She was in a coma for basically three months. We were given very little hope either (initially) for her life or (later) for her to ever speak, understand language, see, perceive what she sees, walk, or have any sort of normal life. What a shocking reality check to realize that we are not in charge of our lives! In one moment our plans were canceled and replaced by the unknown. What pain and struggle it has been for all of us to sift through our value system to distill what is stable and solid vs. what is trivial and temporary. The bottom line question has been the character and power of God: i.e., either God is all powerful but cruel, or loving but not all powerful. WRONG! His Word and our past experience say neither of the above is true. He is all powerful. He is also all loving. BUT He is also all wise. Our struggle lies in our short-sightedness. When we do not understand His ways we can trust His character, that He is working in wonderful ways (He promises!) beyond our understanding!

Here is a recent picture of Dawni since her accident over a year ago. She is beginning to look like her old self again (Praise the Lord!). Also, she is trusting God that He is good and has a good plan for her future, and she shares this with other brain injured patients and therapists!

We ask for more faith right now. Her progress is less dramatic now. This is the time for persistent faith, just putting one foot in front of another. We ask for healed eyesight (new glasses don’t work), heal tremor in right hand/arm, total function of left side, to walk independently, ability to care for herself, her speech to be habitually clearer, increased attention to others’ speech. Thank you so much for your prayers and love!

Pat (her mother)
Aimes, Iowa
(Since writing this, we have been notified by her mother that Dawni’s progress has improved substantially. She graduated High School May 25.)

Steve & Cindy

Dear Pat & Claudia
Things are really busy - like always. When are they not? We love our beautiful house& continue to unpack. We have found a church that has some real"umph" in the area of Praise & Worship, also. Just pray that Mark will adjust. He is 14 and says youth is boring. I think it may be he misses his pastor and friends. The enemy had a few things to say about Steve’s job, but he is not who we listen to. Jesus is our provider. I am always grateful that you all continue to seek what God wants, and don’t give in to earthly ways of doing it.

Steve & Cindy
Alta Loma, California

Doris and Johanna

Hi Pat & Claudia,
Thank you so much for the tape. I really enjoy listening to it. All is OK here. Dick is doing better and seems to be improving more than he was. No more drinking. Praise God for that.Johanna is doing fine. She sends her love to both of you. Pray for our children to be saved, and all of our loved ones. I’m still doing great after my nose surgery to help my breathing. Thank God! Here’s a gift to help out. Use it for whatever is needed. We love you both. We are keeping all of you in our prayers.

Doris and Johanna
Saegertown, Pennsylvania


Dear Claudia and Pat
Praise God for your message in the January Praise Letter. I see exactly what you are saying. Hopefully it will open the eyes of all who read it. God showed us to pray and give only where He directed.
My prayer is for Christians to be good stewards and give where God shows them. I feel that your time is coming for a "breakthrough." You’ve been faithful, diligent, and trusting God. He NEVER fails us. You will be rewarded and see His faithfulness. Galatians 6:9. I love you.

Bremerton, Washington

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