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for January 25, 2020

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TimeTitle Artist  CD Title / Label
15:31:07  The Tent Music #2 Elijah List    
15:27:52  Grace By Which I Stand Keith Green   Songs of Devotion / Sparrow
15:24:04  O Jesus Mine Songs of the Vineyard   Live From London / Vineyard Music
15:20:30  Father I Want You To Hold Me Songs of the Vineyard   Unto The King / Vineyard Music
15:14:19  Jehovah Songs of the Vineyard   Winds of Worship 13 / Songs of the Vineyard
15:11:14  More Precious Than Silver Hosanna   Bethlehem's Treasure / Hosanna! Music
15:07:35  We Are Here At Your Throne Evie   Teach Us Your Way/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Word
15:04:18  Free Us Terry Clark    
15:01:45  Search Me and Know Me Michael Card   The Way Of Wisdom / Sparrow
15:01:09  I Waited Maranatha    
14:55:05  Be Unto Your Name Tony Melendez   Intimate Worship / Renewal Music
14:48:26  More Than The Watchman Marty Goetz   Psalm Enchanted Evening / Private
14:47:06  Scripture: Isaiah 45 2-6    
14:43:00  As The Deer Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
14:36:39  For Your Name Is Holy / Let The Weight Of Your Glo Paul Wilbur   Jerusalem Arise / Hosanna! Music
14:31:08  You Are My King Christy Nockels    
14:29:10  Heavenly Father Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 1 / Maranatha! Music
14:24:21  Think About His Love Don Moen   God For Us / Hosanna Music
14:21:47  Holy Thou Art Holy Maranatha Singers   The Praise Album / Maranatha! Music
14:16:59  His Eye Is On The Sparrow Larnell Harris   From A Servant's Heart / Benson
14:13:24  Yesterday's Gone Kelly Willard   Willing Heart/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Maranatha! Music
14:08:16  I Am Stone Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
14:05:21  May I Never Boast John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
14:01:09  O Holy One Marty Goetz   I Call You Friend / Marty Goetz Ministries
13:56:29  Be Gracious Unto Me Maranatha Singers   Psalms Alive 2/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Maranatha! Music
13:52:50  Bright And Shining Star Songs of the Vineyard   We Welcome You / Vineyard Music
13:49:30  Hide Me In Your Holiness Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
13:45:49  The Greatest Love I've Ever Known Brent Lamb   Right Now It's Raining / Private
13:45:13  Scripture: Isaiah 44 21-22    
13:43:27  One Final Word Paul Clark    
13:39:38  Soften My Heart Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
13:35:57  Hearts Courageous Jamie Owens-Collins   A Time For Courage/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Live Oak Records
13:31:07  You Are Still Holy Kim Hill   Arms of Mercy / Star Song
13:26:06  Morningstar Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
13:22:42  He Knows My Name Praise Band    
13:19:19  He Who Began A Good Work In You Steve Green    
13:13:36  In The Blessing Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
13:09:13  You Are My Hiding Place Praise Strings   Praise Strings 6 / Maranatha! Music
13:04:37  Jesus What A Wonder You Are Maranatha Singers   Praise 4 / Maranatha! Music
13:01:09  It's Been Quite A Year Jamie Owens-Collins   Love Eyes/Classic P&W Vol. 6 / Light Records
11:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
10:59:44  Peace Medley Cynthia Clawson   River of Memories / Chapel
10:56:20  The Worship Song Maranatha Singers   Praise 4 / Maranatha! Music
10:52:22  Psalm 5 Maranatha Singers   Praise 4 / Maranatha! Music
10:50:59  Doxology Evie   Hymns/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Word
10:48:47  Gabriel's Oboe Ennio Morricone   The Mission / Virgin
10:00:02  A Time Apart    
09:57:05  In The Name of God Aaron Keyes    
09:50:49  By Your Side Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
09:48:01  Welcome To Our World Chris Rice   Deep Enough To Dream / Rocketown Records
09:46:25  Scripture: Isaiah 44 1-5 8    
09:43:42  There Is None Like You Lenny LeBlanc   Above All / Hosanna! Music
09:40:23  Heal Me O Lord Integrity   Songs of Healing / Hosanna! Music
09:38:57  Sixty Second Sonata Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
09:34:39  Thank You Jesus Terry Clark   I Am Yours / Catalyst Ministries
09:31:07  I Will Come Don Moen, Worship Leader   Eternal God / Integrity
09:24:19  So Come Kevin Prosch   Even So Come / Vineyard Music
09:20:41  Hiding Place Integrity   My Refuge / Hosanna! Music
09:17:47  What A Friend I've Found Martin Smith   Deeper Disc 2 / Sparrow
09:13:16  In The Garden Michael Card   Known By The Scars / Sparrow
09:11:05  Interlude Bill McCartney   Alone With God - I Will Be With You / Maranatha! Music
09:05:19  The Lilies of the Field John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
09:01:09  Mighty God Kent Henry    
08:57:20  All Is Well Frank Peretti   All Is Well (A Christmas Story) / Word
08:54:10  Abide Paul Clark   First Love Disc 2 / New Port Records
08:50:41  Be Thou My Vision Michael Card    
08:47:18  Holy Is The Lord Andrew Peterson    
08:46:18  Scripture: Isaiah 02 2-5    
08:35:16  Ruah - Amore Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
08:31:07  Come As You Are Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
08:26:21  I Need You More Lindell Cooley   Revival At Brownsville / Hosanna! Music
08:23:43  Psalm 62 Wendy & Mary   The Wind Came Singing/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Birdwing
08:16:52  All For Love Lenny LeBlanc    
08:11:16  I Am Yours Terry Clark   I Am Yours / Catalyst Ministries
08:07:02  Learning To Rest Songs of the Vineyard   Freedom / Songs of the Vineyard
08:04:44  With Every Breath Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
08:01:09  These Things Are True Of You Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
06:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
05:59:42  As The Deer Thirsts Honeytree   Single Heart/Classic P&W Vol. 4 / Greentree
05:54:49  Now And Forevermore Paul Clark    
05:51:44  Sing Hallelujah Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
05:48:44  Beauty For Ashes Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
05:47:37  Scripture: Jeremiah 32 37-41    
05:43:48  Give It All To The Lord Kelly Willard   Message From A King/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Maranatha! Music
05:39:20  Stilled & Quieted My Soul Maranatha Singers   Psalms Alive/Classic P&W Vol. 4 / Maranatha! Music
05:34:41  Father I Want You To Hold Me Songs of the Vineyard   Give Him Praise / Vineyard Music
05:31:07  We Will Bow Songs of the Vineyard   Light The Fire Again / Vineyard Music
05:25:18  Refiner's Fire Kevin Prosch   King Of Saints / Vineyard Music
05:19:16  You Called Me Friend Laury Boone-Browning   Prayers & Promises / Benson
05:14:29  Hymn To The Praises Of God John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
05:10:47  Portrait Of My King Lenny LeBlanc    
05:04:38  My Soul Finds Rest In God Alone (Psalm 62) Aaron Keyes    
05:01:09  Make Me A Servant Kelly Willard   Praise 6 / Maranatha! Music
04:57:49  Healer of My Soul John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
04:52:06  Satisfied With You Songs of the Vineyard   Vineyard Café - Shelter / Vineyard Music
04:51:03  Scripture: Jeremiah 31 10-14    
04:39:48  So Good - His Name Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
04:35:00  Fix Your Eyes Twila Paris   Cry For The Desert / Star Song
04:31:07  Make Me A Soldier Of Your Army Paul Clark    
04:27:55  I Love You Lord Kelly Willard   A Capella Praise / Maranatha! Music
04:22:24  More Than A Friend Jeremy Riddle    
04:19:22  White As Snow Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
04:14:25  Glorify Thy Name Maranatha Singers   Praise 5 / Maranatha! Music
04:11:05  O For A Closer Walk Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg   In Christ Alone / Worship Together
04:07:25  Oh, What A Beautiful City Pat Taylor   To God Be The Glory/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Ultimate Records, Inc
04:04:37  Lead Me To The Rock Integrity   My Refuge / Hosanna! Music
04:01:09  Gentle Breeze Karen Wheaton   Miracle In Motion / Diadem
02:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
01:58:36  On Christ The Solid Rock Kevin Prosch   Save Us Oh God / Vineyard Music
01:55:06  Unending Love Songs of the Vineyard   Give Him Praise / Vineyard Music
01:48:55  Hiding Place Songs of the Vineyard   Faithful Father / Songs of the Vineyard
01:48:35  Scripture - #2 Aimee Herd    
01:46:52  Scripture: Micah 04 1-5    
01:43:22  I Will Bless Thee As Long As I Live Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
01:39:40  Holy, Holy, Holy Keith Green    
01:35:25  Free Us Morris Chapman   Live Worship With Morris Chapman / Maranatha! Music
01:31:07  The Simplest Thought Maranatha Singers   Wedding Long Play / Maranatha! Music
01:29:20  Father Terry Clark   Give Him Praise / Vineyard Music
01:23:52  I Bow Down Vikki Cook   Everlasting / PDI Music
01:20:32  My Heart Your Home Christy Nockels   Beyond Sight / Vertical Music
01:16:28  More Than Anything Don Moen, Worship Leader   Eternal God / Integrity
01:12:06  Father of Life Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
01:07:28  I Am Janet Paschal   Language of the Heart / Word
01:05:05  My Beloved Numbers 23 Gary McCartie   My Beloved Father of Life / Maranatha Music
01:01:08  Resting Place Songs of the Vineyard   Take Our Lives / Vineyard Music

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