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for July 5, 2020

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TimeTitle Artist  CD Title / Label
16:08:38  In Quietness Honeytree   Pioneer / Oak Table Publishing
16:04:50  I Am Marty Goetz   I Call You Friend / Marty Goetz Ministries
16:01:08  You Are My Father Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
15:55:55  Meditation #2, The Eucharist Michael Card   Present Reality / Sparrow
15:50:19  Your Heart Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
15:46:28  We Are Your Children Songs of the Vineyard   I Love Loving You / Songs of the Vineyard
15:45:22  Scripture: Isaiah 57 13-15 18-19    
15:41:18  Holy One Kelly Willard    
15:34:57  Abba Father, I Love You/Follow Me Morris Chapman   Live Worship With Morris Chapman / Maranatha! Music
15:31:07  Give It All To The Lord Kelly Willard   Message From A King/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Maranatha! Music
15:27:43  Still Small Voice Songs of the Vineyard   Freedom / Songs of the Vineyard
15:23:44  The Power Of Your Love (Reprise) Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
15:20:16  The Hiding Place John Michael Talbot   Hiding Place / Sparrow
15:13:46  Holy Ground Integrity   All Hail King Jesus / Hosanna! Music
15:09:38  Star Annie Herring, Matthew Ward   2nd Chapter of Acts 20 Disc 2 / Sparrow
15:05:28  Only I Nicole Marie   I Choose Jesus / Heartservice Music
15:01:09  O For A Thousand Tongues Bill & Gloria Gaither   A Praise Gathering / Gaither Music Company
14:59:13  Father Terry Clark   Give Him Praise / Vineyard Music
14:52:07  In Your Presence/None Like You, O God Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
14:48:06  He Is Our Father Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
14:46:38  Scripture: Isaiah 55 06-12    
14:42:45  Warrior Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
14:38:39  There Is None Like You Hosanna Singers   Acapella / Hosanna Music
14:35:53  Meditation #3 Michael Card   The Beginning / Sparrow
14:31:07  Before You Call Songs of the Vineyard   I Bow Down / Vineyard Music
14:28:21  Till These Earthly Days Shall Pass Steve Camp   After God's Own Heart / Sparrow
14:22:56  Advent Suite John Michael & Terry Talbot   The Painter / Sparrow
14:17:16  Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord Kevin Prosch   Give Him Praise / Vineyard Music
14:10:21  God Alone / Come Unto Me Kelly Willard   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs) / Maranatha! Music
14:06:41  The Greatest Love I've Ever Known Brent Lamb   Right Now It's Raining / Private
14:03:29  Great Is The Lord Maranatha   Praise 12 / Maranatha! Music
14:01:10  Betrayal & Desolation James Horner   BraveHeart / DECA Records
13:55:39  I Could Have Done More John Williams   Schindler's List / MCA
13:51:57  Overture To The Trilogy Michael Card   The Final Word / Sparrow
13:50:51  Scripture: Isaiah 55 01-05    
13:44:59  Before You Now Songs of the Vineyard   Before You Now / Vineyard Music
13:41:36  When I Consider Terry Clark    
13:38:07  Psalm 27 John Michael Talbot   Hiding Place / Sparrow
13:34:14  Brokenness David Meece   Piority Radio Pix/Once In A Lifetime / Star Song
13:31:08  Love Note Steve & Annie Chapman   Waiting Together / S & A Family
13:28:39  The King of Who I Am Russ Taft & Lulu Roman   With One Voice/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Sparrow
13:25:20  Make My Life A Prayer To You Keith Green   Songs of Devotion / Sparrow
13:21:19  Father of Life Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
13:15:58  Glory Come Down Jason Upon    
13:08:25  Sunrise - The Pleiades And Orion John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
13:01:09  Breathe On Me Marty Goetz   Sanctuary / Private
11:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
10:59:28  Grace Alone Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
10:53:53  We Come To Humble Ourselves Songs of the Vineyard   Changed By Your Glory / Songs of the Vineyard
10:52:12  Come Heal This Land Robin Mark   Come Heal This Land / Hosanna! Music
10:49:10  Take My Heart & Let It Be Christy Costello   Shipwrecks & Islands / Gold Records
10:44:31  Pleasures Forevermore Marty Goetz   I Call You Friend / Marty Goetz Ministries
10:00:01  A Time Apart    
09:56:32  So Come Kevin Prosch   Even So Come / Vineyard Music
09:53:46  As We Seek Fernando Ortega   Praise 14 / Maranatha! Music
09:49:20  All I Need Dan Wilt, Daphne Rademaker   All I Need / Vineyard Music
09:47:34  Scripture: Isaiah 54 10-17    
09:44:23  From The Rising of the Sun New Creation Singers   Perfect Praise/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Birdwing
09:41:03  Father Songs of the Vineyard   Holiness Unto The Lord / Vineyard Music
09:40:03  Scripture - #1 Aimee Herd    
09:35:07  Eyes For Only You JoAnn McFatter   Magnificent Obsession / Private
09:31:07  Family Song Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
09:28:24  Be Still My Soul Karla Worley   We Need The Lord/Classic P&W Vol. 6 / Sparrow
09:22:14  You Have Been So Good Lenny LeBlanc    
09:17:52  Make Us One Marty Goetz   Intercessor/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Recon Records
09:13:27  In The Garden Michael Card   Known By The Scars / Sparrow
09:09:34  You Have Been Good Graham Kendrick, Leader   Amazing Love / Hosanna! Music
09:05:56  My Soul Is Satisfied Ed Kerr   Acoustic Worship - Rock of Refuge / Hosanna! Music
09:04:25  Change In The Wind Reprise Paul Clark    
09:01:09  Going Home Good News   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Good News) / Maranatha! Music
08:55:32  I Will Wait Jason Upton    
08:49:23  Hineni (Here Am I) Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
08:46:06  Jesus Your Name Morris Chapman   Praise 13 / Maranatha! Music
08:45:03  Scripture: Isaiah 54 04-08    
08:40:21  Open Our Eyes Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
08:34:27  Father, I Want You To Hold Me Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
08:31:08  My Heart Your Home Christy Nockels   Beyond Sight / Vertical Music
08:27:55  Blessing, Glory & Honor New Creation Singers   Perfect Praise/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Birdwing
08:21:01  Be The Center Vineyard Singers   Hungry Falling On My Knees / Vineyard Music
08:17:05  Like The Starlight Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg   In Christ Alone / Worship Together
08:16:04  Interlude 2 Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
08:09:44  Your Love Flows Like A River Songs of the Vineyard   Blessed Be The Name / Vineyard Music
08:04:43  How Are Things At Home Janet Paschal   Sweet Life / Spring Hill
08:01:09  Healer of My Soul John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
06:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
05:59:24  Beauty For Ashes Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
05:52:26  He Is Aaron & Jeoffrey   He Is / Star Song
05:48:55  Come Fill Us Again Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
05:47:42  Scripture: Isaiah 53 01-06    
05:43:18  No Eye Has Seen Paul Baloche   He Is Faithfful / Hosanna! Music
05:38:14  I Stand In Awe Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
05:34:39  Father I Want You To Hold Me Songs of the Vineyard   Unto The King / Vineyard Music
05:31:07  Light Our Way Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
05:23:52  I Need You More Lindell Cooley   Revival At Brownsville / Hosanna! Music
05:21:27  Prayer For The Children Integrity   Hope Changes Everything / Integrity Music
05:18:14  Holy And Anointed One Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
05:14:53  Lord I'm Gonna Love You Keith Green    
05:09:11  Refresh My Heart Praise Band    
05:07:42  Daddy's Song Reprise Dennis Jernigan   Daddy's Song / Shepherd's Heart Music
05:03:05  How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place Maranatha Singers   Praise 7 / Maranatha! Music
05:01:09  Wait For Me Jesus Bonnie Casey   Jesus, This Is For You/Classic P&W Vol. 6 / Bridge
04:56:55  Scripture - Psalm 84 Aimee Herd    
04:51:21  There's Only You Jill Lyle   Come To The Rock / Grace Vineyard
04:48:55  Holy Is The Lord Songs of the Vineyard   Live From London / Vineyard Music
04:47:31  Scripture: Isaiah 52 07-13    
04:43:08  Message From A King Kelly Willard   Lookin' Back '77-'86 / Maranatha! Music
04:38:29  Morningstar Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
04:34:48  I Cry For Mercy Annie Herring   Waiting For My Ride To Come / Sparrow
04:31:09  To Bless Your Heart Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
04:27:52  Open Your Eyes Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
04:21:21  Who Has Believed Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
04:17:13  Be Still Evie   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Unfailing Love) / Word
04:10:20  For Your Name Is Holy / Let The Weight Of Your Glo Paul Wilbur   Jerusalem Arise / Hosanna! Music
04:06:48  I Will Bless Thee As Long As I Live Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
04:01:10  My Heart Is Steadfast Honeytree   Maranatha Marathon/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Myrrh
02:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
01:59:14  How Beautiful Twila Paris   Cry For The Desert / Star Song
01:56:35  Glorify Thy Name Terry Clark & Maranatha   Maranathas! Radio Sampler Two / Maranatha! Music
01:48:39  You Have Been Given Integrity   Enter His Gates / Integrity Music
01:47:29  Scripture: Jeremiah 30 31-34    
01:42:44  Child of God Kathryn Scott   Hungry, Falling On My Knees / Songs of the Vineyard
01:38:56  It's Your Blood Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
01:33:30  Make Way For The King Lenny LeBlanc    
01:31:07  Mourning The Death Of A Dream Michael Card    
01:25:40  In The Tenderlands Sandi Patti   Le Voyage / Word
01:23:06  Jesus Look Down Terry Clark    
01:19:47  The Lord Is My Light Maranatha   Praise 13 / Maranatha! Music
01:16:17  I Will Bless Thee As Long As I Live Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
01:11:21  There's No One Like You Songs of the Vineyard   Mercy / Songs of the Vineyard
01:06:26  Come Let Us Worship & Bow Down Maranatha Singers   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Emmanuel, A Christmas Praise Album) / Maranatha! Music
01:02:38  My Redeemer Is Faithful And True Steven Curtis Chapman    
01:01:09  All I Need Reprise Vineyard Singers   All I Need / Vineyard Music

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