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for November 14, 2019

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TimeTitle Artist  CD Title / Label
14:22:56  What A Good God You've Been To Me Maranatha Singers   Long Play Thanksgiving / Maranatha! Music
14:18:43  Jesus Lover of My Soul Shelley Nirider   Passion / Sparrow Records
14:13:59  The Lord Is My Shepherd Keith Green   Songs of Devotion / Sparrow
14:11:02  Thy Mercies How Tender Annie Herring   All That I Am / Sparrow
14:05:39  New World Symphony Malle Babbe Women's Choir   Paradise Road - Songs of Survival / Sony
14:01:50  Give Me Jesus Fernando Ortega   Lord, I Humbly Come / Metro One
13:59:35  Open Our Eyes Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
13:56:06  Gentle Breeze Karen Wheaton   Miracle In Motion / Diadem
13:51:12  This Thorn Twila Paris   Cry For The Desert / Star Song
13:48:11  Love Of The Ages Maranatha Singers   Emmanuel/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Maranatha! Music
13:46:35  Grace Alone Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
13:45:12  Scripture: Isaiah 52 07-13    
13:39:20  Majesty Medley Morris Chapman   Live Worship With Morris Chapman / Maranatha! Music
13:35:21  To The King Matthew Ward   First Love Disc 2 / New Port Records
13:31:46  To Bless Your Heart Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
13:26:19  I Want To Be More Like Jesus Keith Green   Songs of Devotion / Sparrow
13:20:48  More Than A Friend Jeremy Riddle    
13:16:53  Like The Starlight Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg   In Christ Alone / Worship Together
13:13:38  The Twenty-Third Psalm Debby Boone   With My Song / Sparrow
13:10:20  Rock Of My Salvation Praise Strings   Praise Strings 7 / Maranatha! Music
13:06:38  Hosanna - Hear The Cries of Your Children Teri DeSario    
13:01:48  The Lion and the Lamb Maranatha   Praise 14 / Maranatha! Music
11:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
10:58:52  You Are Lord of Everything Kelly Willard   He Is Faithful / Hosanna! Music
10:54:06  Welcome Back Love Song   First Love Disc 1 / New Port Records
10:51:08  I Am My Beloved's Wendy & Mary   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Battle of the Heart) / Birdwing
10:00:01  A Time Apart    
09:54:27  Ministry Time Kevin Prosch   Even So Come / Vineyard Music
09:50:30  In The Garden Michael Card   Known By The Scars / Sparrow
09:48:50  Scripture: Isaiah 51 01-06    
09:42:49  You Called Me Friend Laury Boone-Browning   Prayers & Promises / Benson
09:39:04  There's A Stirring Annie Herring   There's A Stirring / Sparrow
09:35:33  Come Walk Among Us Songs of the Vineyard   Freedom / Songs of the Vineyard
09:31:48  Baruch Hashem Adonai Debby Boone   Reflections / Lamb & Lion
09:23:04  Unto The King Songs of the Vineyard   Unto The King / Vineyard Music
09:20:22  The Old Rugged Cross Evie   Hymns//Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Word
09:20:02  Scripture - #2 Aimee Herd    
09:16:09  Warrior Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
09:10:26  When My Soul Goes Home Cynthia Clawson   Hymnsinger / Dayspring
09:01:50  True Love Songs of the Vineyard   Winds Of Worship Live - Toronto / Vineyard Music
08:56:50  Great Is The Lord Maranatha   Praise 12 / Maranatha! Music
08:54:48  In Stillness And Simplicity Michael Card   Present Reality / Sparrow
08:50:25  You Are My Hiding Place Praise Strings   Praise Strings 6 / Maranatha! Music
08:48:52  Scripture: Isaiah 49 22-26    
08:44:47  As The Deer Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
08:37:00  Sanctuary Medley Morris Chapman   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Morris Chapman with the Maranatha Singers / Maranatha! Music
08:31:45  He Is Our Peace Praise Strings   Praise Strings 7 / Maranatha! Music
08:28:05  I Will Exalt Amanda Falk    
08:23:47  The Simplest Thought Maranatha Singers   Wedding Long Play / Maranatha! Music
08:22:17  My Faith Has Found a Resting Place Cynthia Clawson   Immortal / Dayspring
08:17:09  Blessing and Honor Aaron Keyes    
08:09:08  Come Let Us Bow Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
08:05:07  Even Though Kathryn Scott    
08:01:49  My Redeemer Annie Herring   First Love Disc 1 / New Port Records
06:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
05:57:51  Praise To The Lord Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
05:55:09  Say To The Prisoner John Michael Talbot   The Regathering / Sparrow
05:48:28  Yahweh Is Holy Integrity   Army Of God / Integrity
05:47:11  Scripture: Isaiah 49 13-19    
05:43:40  Over And Over Annie Herring   There's A Stirring / Sparrow
05:38:38  Let Me Love You Dennis Jernigan   Solo - Songs of Ministry / Shepherd's Heart Music
05:37:42  Scripture - God Is My Rock John Tesh    
05:31:47  Still Waters Julie Meyer   In My Father's House / Private
05:28:47  Ain't Gonna Fight It Daniel Amos   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Maranatha 5, The Ten Top Tunes) / Maranatha! Music
05:25:36  Isn't He Praise Strings   Praise Strings 4 / Maranatha! Music
05:22:48  I'm In Love With You Songs of the Vineyard   We Exalt Your Name / Vineyard Music
05:19:14  Father I Want You To Hold Me Songs of the Vineyard   Unto The King / Vineyard Music
05:05:24  As We Worship/O Lord, Your Tenderness Bob Fitts    
05:01:10  I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven Keith Green   The Ministry Years 1977-1979 Volume 1 Disc 2 / Sparrow
04:57:44  The Hiding Place John Michael Talbot   Hiding Place / Sparrow
04:52:48  What Are The Words Songs of the Vineyard   I Love Your Ways / Songs of the Vineyard
04:49:52  You Are My Dwelling Place Maranatha   Praise 10 / Maranatha! Music
04:48:35  Scripture: Isaiah 49 07-10    
04:42:52  Satisfied With You Songs of the Vineyard   Shelter / Songs of the Vineyard
04:39:41  I See The Lord Honeytree   Pioneer / Oak Table Publishing
04:34:51  Jesus, Jesus Songs of the Vineyard   Live From London / Vineyard Music
04:31:49  Take My Heart & Let It Be Christy Costello   Shipwrecks & Islands / Gold Records
04:29:13  The Gentle Healer Michael Card   Scandalon / Sparrow
04:23:21  Before You Now Songs of the Vineyard   Before You Now / Vineyard Music
04:20:16  Near to the Heart of God Spiritbound   Always Remember / Private
04:15:29  The Spirit Of The Lord Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
04:11:28  More Love, More Power Songs of the Vineyard   Glory / Vineyard Music
04:08:12  Rock Of My Salvation Maranatha Singers   Praise 7 / Maranatha! Music
04:04:41  Your Love Broke Through Keith Green    
04:01:11  Thy Throne Oh God Kelly Willard   Lookin' Back '77-'86 / Maranatha! Music
02:00:01  Praise Until Dawn    
01:58:23  Make Us One Marty Goetz   Intercessor/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Recon Records
01:54:42  He Is Lovely Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
01:48:08  Isn't He Maranatha Singers   Praise 4 / Maranatha! Music
01:47:00  Scripture: Zephaniah 03 09 12-15    
01:41:34  Resting Place Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
01:38:14  He Knows My Name Maranatha Singers   Alone With God - I Will Be With You / Maranatha! Music
01:31:48  I Don't Want To Move Dennis Jernigan   Daddy's Song / Shepherd's Heart Music
01:25:24  Be The Center Vineyard Singers   Hungry Falling On My Knees / Vineyard Music
01:20:03  Melody Nancy Honeytree   Evergreen/The Melodies In Me / Private
01:17:56  Interlude 1 Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
01:14:34  Sing To The Father Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
01:09:15  You Are My Passion Vonda Withers   From The Heart / Private
01:05:32  All Through The Day Praise Strings   Praise Strings 6 / Maranatha! Music
01:01:49  Holy, Holy, Holy Keith Green    

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