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Listen via the Internet

Listen Via Your iPhone, Android or Other Smart Phone

There are a couple ways to listen in Beautiful Stereo on your iPhone, Android or other Smart Phone.

You can go to your browser on your iPhone, Android or other Smart Phone and input: . That will take you to our Home Page. There on the left below “Listen Now Live” are four different ways to listen to PBNradio. Since you have an iPhone, Android or other Smart Phone, choose the 4th one down: The Web Player. Now you have two choices within the Web Player. Choose the 2nd one: PBNclassic. It will pull up a little player. Push the “play” arrow, and enjoy the beautiful stereo music that comes through.

The second way of listening is by going to the APP Store. Your Smart Phone should have come with an App Icon. Open it. When it is opened, there is a little “Search” tool at the bottom. Push on that, and in the Search Bar at the top put in “Tunein Radio”. The Tunein Radio App will come up. You DO NOT need to purchase the Pro version. Just select the Free one. Click on “Open” in order to download it to your Smart Phone.

Once you have the Tunein Radio App, open it by clicking on it. When it is open, you will see a Search Tool at the bottom of the screen. Click on that Search Tool. At the top in the Search Bar, enter: PBN Classic. You will see our station listed on your screen. Open it and push on the “Go” arrow. Beautiful Stereo music will start playing. Sometimes it may have a short add at the beginning of the stream (It is not from us. It’s from Tunein Radio. It’s how they pay for the streaming so you can get it free.), but be patient, our music will start shortly. ALSO, be sure to click the “Heart” in the upper right of the player screen. That will set PBNclassic as one of your favorites. That way when you open the Tunein app, you can just click on your “Favorites” at the bottom of the page, and PBNclassic will always be there for you.

You can now take PBN with you anywhere in the world you may go.

Listen via “Praise Until Dawn” Podcast

PBN Podcast — Take PBN with you

Automatically download copies of Pat’s “Praise Until Dawn” program to your computer by subscribing to our Podcast. If you have a portable music player like an iPod, you can take Pat on the road with you! Or, just listen on your computer.

It’s like having a VCR for your radio—record now and listen later. But we record it for you. All you have to do is subscribe to our program and our MP3 program files will be automatically downloaded to your computer. You can even use iTunes to burn Praise until Dawn to CDs!

You can use whatever software you prefer for subscribing to the podcast. There are many options but Apple’s free iTunes program is probably the easiest to use.

If you’re using iTunes, see our page in the Apple podcast directory and you can subscribe from there.

If you’re using other software, subscribe to this address:

Listen via “Praise Until Dawn” Downloads

Using the iTunes podcast is the easiest way to get and play Praise Until Dawn on your computer, but you can also download the MP3 files manually, if you wish.